Cancellation & Refund

1. All payments or advances made by clients online or through our sales representative (RTGS/Bank Transfers) are used to block a specific product or products; our sales team will email you the specifics of the product you reserved. A 50% or greater booking advance is required.

2. No other customer will be able to purchase the product that you have reserved from Park Luxury.

3. In the event that a problem prevents the reserved product from functioning, the advance can be applied to the purchase of a replacement product from Park Luxury at the current MRP and discount, or it can be used to purchase any other product of equal or higher value.

4. You can use the advance to buy any other product from Park Luxury that is equivalent to or more expensive than the reserved product, at the current MRP plus a discount off the new product, if the reserved product has a problem that prevents it from working.

5. Additionally, the advance payment may be used to buy any other product from Park Luxury that is equal to or more expensive than the one you have reserved, at the current MRP and discount.


  1. Orders will be filled in accordance with availability.
  2. There won’t be a return, exchange, or refund option available for accessory purchases.
  3. Park Luxury has the right to cancel orders at any time and without warning.