Terms Of Services

1. Terms Of Services for Watches

Every pre-owned Product offered on our website is covered by a limited one-year guarantee from the date of acquisition or purchase by Park Luxury. The date on the warranty card or receipt is considered the Date of Purchase.

In the event that a warrantied product has a problem within the first year of the warranty, Park Luxury, at its sole discretion, shall replace or repair any damaged parts and/or make the necessary corrections to the repair execution.

Conditions & Restrictions:

The Park Luxury Two-year limited service warranty is subject to specific requirements. Parts that Park Luxury did not service, such as basic quartz watch repairs, water damage, shock damage, misuse, or any handling that goes beyond the parameters of a watch’s intended use, are not covered by the repair warranty. Furthermore excluded from coverage under this warranty are incidental and consequential damages.

Park Luxury’s one-year limited guarantee on pre-owned timepieces is void if third parties perform services, open a device, or install parts other than strap or bracelet components. The applicability of Park Luxury’s warranty to each watch for which a warranty claim is submitted shall be determined at its sole discretion.

Depending on the brand and nature of the issue, watch repair times can change. Repairs under warranty typically take six to eight weeks.